Do you have “The Key To Success”?




How do you know if you have the minimum requirements to achieve your goal?
Not sure what I’m talking about?
OK! Let’s check if you have what it takes to be successful.

What’s your goal?

Think about one goal that you want to achieve this year in your life. This goal can be in your personal life or professional life.
Now that you have your desired goal in mind, ask yourself three essential questions:

1- Is it possible?

Do you really believe that it’s possible to achieve your goal?

Yes? Great! Go straight to question #2.
No? Then it’s unlikely you will be able to use your “current key” to “open the gate” of infinite possibilities to reach your goal.

How can you fix your “Key To Success”?
If anyone has achieved this goal, then it’s possible.
If nobody has achieve it yet, then it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Sometimes people get confused between possibility and capacity.
We may not know how to do something, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Up to 1954, it was considered impossible for a person to run one mile under 4 minutes, until Roger Bannister broke this record. Since then, many other achieved the same. Because now a days “impossible achievement” became normal.

Watch out! Make sure you truly believe your goal is possible. That is the first essential part of your “Trinity Key to Success”.
2- Can you do it?

Do you truly believe that you are capable of achieving this goal?
Yes? Awesome! You are half way there. Go to question #3

No? How do you know what you’re capable of if you haven’t tried yet?

In theory, we think we know how far we can go, but … beliefs are not facts.

It’s funny how easy is for people to tell others about what they believe they can not do and how difficult is for them to tell others what they can do. Have you ever noticed that?

Some people confuse undermining themselves with modesty. They are two very different things.
Watch out! You may be the one limiting your infinite possibilities.


3- Do you deserve it?

No? If you think that because you have not done this or that, then you can not achieve your goal. Thanks again!
Nearly all rich, and powerful people are not notably talented, educated, or good-looking. They became rich and powerful by believing, wanting and working to be reach and powerful without reservations.

Yes? Congratulation! You have the essential tool to achieve your goal: Your Trinity Key to Success. Now start using it on every action you take towards your goal every step along the way.

How’s your Trinity Key to Success?

Trinity Key To Success by MariLiza Backstrom

For every new goal in you life, check your belief system (Your Trinity Key) about yourself and about your goal before pursuing it, so you don’t unconsciously sabotage yourself along the way.

If you answered YES to the three key questions above, then you are half way to success.
If you answered NO to any of the previous questions, no problem.

Thank Goddess! Beliefs can be changed!

Throughout my personal & professional life, I have changed many limiting beliefs received or imposed by family, friends, social media, and many other sources. It was not always easy, but it was always worth it.When limiting beliefs gets in the way to achieve my goals, I change them.
And so can you.

I pay constant attention to what I believe about my goals and about myself.
I only keep the beliefs that empower me to achieve my goals.


Every belief we choose to keep can get us closer or further way from our dreams.
Beliefs are choices, so … Believe Wisely!

If you want to achieve your goal faster & easier than ever before, let me know.
It’s a pleasure & privilege to facilitate your path to success.