Am I enough?


Two of my friends are suffering with personal & professional relationships.
One is suffering with her professional partner’s attitude towards her job.
The other is suffering with her love partner’s words about her looks.

They are doubting themselves because of their partners attitudes and words.
Been there and done it … until I’ve learned that …
nobody (partner, friend, boss, relative, or stranger) should “decide” how I feel about myself.

We suffer because we expect & count on others to make us feel beautiful, happy and valuable.
These unrealistic expectations make us MARIONETTES of other people’s desires.
Happiness is a choice we can make everyday.

            YES! IT’S POSSIBLE to feel happy, beautiful and valuable.


            YES! YOU DESERVE happiness in any age, size, and shape.

Choose to be happy and start counting your blessing every day.
Be grateful for all you are & for all you have RIGHT NOW in your life.
CUT THE CORDS of expecting others to make you happy.

Pull your own strings when you want a lift.
Don’t waist your time waiting for someone to do it for you.
It’s nobody’s job to make you happy, but your own.


We may not have everything we love, but we can certainly choose to love everything we have.

Next time you don’t feel good enough, say it out loud:

            I do enough!

            I have enough!

            I am enough!

A little shift in perception goes a long & happy way.