What’s Coaching?


COACHING is a trendy profession and many people are using the title Coach, even though they are not Coaches at all.
In my experience, I have met lots of people who call themselves Coaches:
Health Coach (instead of saying Nutritionists),
Relationship Coach (instead of saying Marriage Counselor),
Business Coach (instead of saying Financial Adviser),
and the list goes on.

Many people call themselves Coaches but they never did a Coaching Certification and they have no idea what coaching is really about. In many countries, Coaching is still considered a new profession and it’s not yet regulated by the government, so there is a lot of misconception about coaching out there.

Let’s start with WHAT COACHING IS NOT:

Coaching is not therapy!
Therapists focus on traumas & problems.
Coaches focus on goals & solutions.

Coaching is not counseling!
Counselors gives advice.
Coaches ask questions.

Coaching is not mentorship!
Mentors share experiences in a specific field.
Coaches facilitate personal development.

Coaching is not teaching!
Teachers instruct about specific skills.
Coaches empower personal peak performance.


COACHING is a partnership between Coach & Coachee (Client) to create and implement solution-oriented & action-based strategies to achieve a specific goal.

Next time you want to hire a real  Coach or when someone introduces themselves as Coaches, ask:
Where did you get your Coaching Certification?
What Coaching Associations are you affiliated with?
How long have you been practicing Coaching?

Of course, there are Counselors, Psychologist, Mentors and other professionals who achieve Coaching Certification and become Coaches, but in any case it’s always better to know in advance what type professional & proficiency you are dealing with.

Some Coaches like to specialize in specific fields like: Relationships, Business, Career, etc, but regardless of the Coaching specialty, the coaching principles & premises remain the same:
The Coach has the questions & The Coachee (Client) has the answers.

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