Can Coaching cure?


IF your definition of CURE is to get rid off PAIN, then the answer is NO.
BUT IF your definition of CURE is to get your GAIN, then the answer is YES.

Let me share a true story that happened to me, and you will know what I mean.
A few years ago I was in a restaurant with leading ladies talking about all sorts of personal & professional projects, when one of them turned to me (The Coach), and to another lady on the table (The Psychologist), and asked:

“What do I need? A Coach or A Psychologist? I am afraid of learning to drive.”
My quick witty answer was:
“What do you want? To drive or to understand your fear?
If you want to understand why you are afraid of driving, then get a Psychologist,
but…If you want to drive, then get a COACH.”

Traditional psychology theories are “Problem Oriented” (THE PAIN), focusing on the origin of the problem (why/who caused the pain) because they believe you need to know where you are “coming from” before you can move forward.
Coaching is “Solution Oriented” (THE GAIN) focusing on the destination (what/how to achieve the gain), because in Coaching, we do not believe that you need to know where you are coming from in order to move forward.

IF your focus is your desired destination (THE GAIN), not your undesired affliction (THE PAIN), then COACHING CAN CURE!


Blessed Be You Till Full! 😉


MariLiza Backstrom



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