Feeling Loved

What do you do to make people feel loved?
What do you do when you want to feel loved?


This week I had an early birthday surprise that shook me to the core and answered those questions in the most unexpected way.
My first birthday gift arrived a week earlier as a text message. WOW! Are you serious?
TEARS of gratitude are still coming down as my heart is FEELING LOVED & GRATEFUL.

She knows that my birthday is a very emotional day for me
since my beloved Dad went “Upstairs”. I was born on my father’s birthday on the 1st of June.
My Dad & I are Twin souls, Spiritual family & Geminis with transcending LOVE for each other.
It’s tough to live on Earth without him every day, but especially on our birthday.
For 27 years we celebrated our birthdays together on Earth, and
since his departure to the Spiritual World, we celebrate in different dimensions.

My Dad was, is, and forever will be my biggest hero & inspiration in my life.

Knowing my story, heart, and sorrows, my friend did something astonishing & unexpected.
My friend is taking the day off from work on June 1st just to be with me all day. Wohoo!
What a priceless gift!

Good friends remember our birthday.
GREAT FRIENDS make our birthday unforgettable!

The best gifts in life are free, and yet priceless.
Never miss a moment to make someone feel loved.


for blessing my life with divine friends & earthly angels

who hold my hands, dry my tears and keep me company until

I can celebrate with my Dad once again in the same dimension.

THANKS my dear friend JR

for your priceless gift of love, care & friendship.

I will never forget this divine birthday gift.

What about you?
Has someone ever made you feel loved?
Have you made someone feel loved?
We would love to hear from you!
Share your stories with us .
Blessed Be! Beijos.