Happy Mothers Day on Earth & in Heaven!

There many types, colors, shapes, sizes, ages, genders, titles of Mothers.
When one truly embraces another, whether Humans, Animals, or Plants, and have Unconditional Love & Care for another, then one has acquired the most divine gift of Motherhood.

Celebrate all types of Mothers in your life: Spiritual Mother, Birth Mother, Adopted Mother, Grandmother, Aunt  Mother, Friend Mother, Partner Mother, Sister mother, Daughter Mother, and the list goes on forever because TRUE LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL & INFINITE!

Anyone, women or men, can learn to embrace true motherhood, also know as  Unconditional Love & Care, and become the most divine of “Goddess-like” beings on earth: MOTHERS!

Dedicated to My Mother Maria, My Grandmother Maria, and My Great grandmother Maria!
Blessed Be. Beijos!