Retrospective & Perspective

MARILIZA retrospective-perspective

IN 2016 …

I SUFFERED for being robbed by my closest relatives.
I CRIED for being abused by a close friend.
I WORRIED about the situation around the world.
I ENDURED injustices and prejudices.
I STRUGGLED to maintain inner peace.

BUT despite it all …

I PRAYED for wisdom and strength to keep going.
I HOPED to always do my best no matter what.
I SMILED with gratitude to every angel along the way.
I LAUGHED at myself when I got too worked up.
I LOVED my life’s rollercoaster & the gift of being alive.

I KEEP COUNTING MY BLESSING to lose count of my misfortunes.
We all go through ups & downs in our personal and professional life.
What matters most is not what comes in our way, but how we handle it.
You can choose a victim/reactive perspective or a victory/proactive perspective in any situation.
It’s up to you!

Before making your end of the year RETROSPECTIVE,
choose a productive PERSPECTIVE to turn any misfortune into priceless lessons and
make the new year even better.

Whether you stay the same, start doing, stop doing, do less of, or do more of,
what will really make a difference is the choice of your perspective.
Every thought, word and action make a difference in this world, so choose your perspective wisely.


IN 2017 I WISH we can all:

TRANSFORM bad moments into great LESSONS.
COUNT great lessons as amazing BLESSINGS.
SHARE our blessings with everybody around us.
BE grateful for the best gift: the present.
MAKE every morning a NEW YEAR of possibilities.

THANK YOU for being part of my magical journey.

MariLiza Backstrom

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